Shin guard

  • ALK13

“ALK13 Shin Guard is ideal to protect you at most from shocks. Light, comfortable, easy to use and to maintain. Double fixation by Velcro for an adjustment completed around the shin and around the calf. Against the falls or the returns of pedals, do not hesitate any more! 

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25,00 €

Specificity : side Protections of shin / Enfilables / 2 Belts elastic in scratch
Materials : Nylon / inhaling Néoprène / polyurethane shell
Sizes : Court (inline skate) / Long (BMX,VTT)
Sports : BMX / Roller / Mountain Board / VTT

  • Made for BMX / Roller / Mountain Board / VTT
  • Specificities Protections latérales du genoux / Enfilables / 2 Sangles élastiques à scratch